The Fernwood Process

Every web designer uses a different process when working with a new website. At Fernwood Web Design we focus on the little c – communication. We utilize the following fine crafted eight-step process to ensure that your site gets the exact attention it needs, from inception to resolution!

Step 1: Web Questionnaire

Upon receipt of signed proposal and down payment, we will email you a Site Questionnaire. This needs to be filled out to the best of your ability and emailed to us as soon as you are able.

Step 2: Project Meeting

After the Web Questionnaire form is completed and received, we will either set up an in-person or over-the-phone meeting to discuss the project.

Step 3: Design

At this point, we will produce a design mockup. Once the first mockup is completed and sent over to you, we ask that you critique the mockup layout and reply with detailed feedback on what you like and what you want changed/tweaked. We will go back and forth in this manner until you get the layout you want (most websites require two to four layout revisions before being approved). During the design stage, we encourage the client to outline the desired copy for the website text to insure smooth project flow.

Step 4: Layout Approval

Once you have the layout design you want and the “green light” is given for approval, we will then proceed to the next stage: programming. It is essential that all tweaks are done in Stage 3 before layout approval is made.

Step 5 – Translation

We will take the approved design and translate it into the web language we’ve decided on. It will live on a test server so you will be able to view and comment on the programming process from start to finish.

Step 6 – Content

After the website architecture is fully programmed, you should email website text, photos and any other page content (PDFs, etc.) to us to populate the site with content. All content submitted should be in final draft form to avoid delays in getting the website live.

Step 7 – Website Review

Once all content is in place on the beta website, you will need to make a comprehensive review of the website to address any last minute tweaks or changes. Please note that the final balance payment must be received before the website goes live.

Step 8 – Website Launch

Upon final approval of the beta website, Fernwood Web Design will upload the new website to the site’s web server, thus making it “live” on the web. At this point, the website contract is completed and any additional changes or tweaks thereafter would be billed at the hourly rate. A maintenance contract is available in case you will need monthly updates to the website using Fernwood Web Design.